Our Value Proposition

SMIG combines a unique set of experience and expertise that ensures effective project delivery.

Our expertise and track record covers Investment Management & Structured Finance, Development of Mining & Infrastructure Projects and International Business Development & Off-takes


Team with proven track record in private equity investment, global and local mining and international business development.                                                                                         

Backers with USD >10bn in assets under management and with investment experience in Infrastructure and mining in Africa.   ­  

Deep expertise and connections within the global aluminum industry,  the Chinese and European off take market and global independent trading houses.

Expertise in project development coupled with the deep connections within the local economy and local authorities required to ensure effective project delivery. 

Our Team

The SMIG Team is uniquely qualified to fund and develop mining and infrastructure assets in West Africa

50+ Years of investment experience in the sector and region

The SMIG Team has executed large mining and infrastructure investments globally and has a long-standing experience in minerals trading, as well as in trade finance

80+ Years of experience in the mining sector and in the region

The SMIG Team has extensive executive management experience in the mining sector with some of the largest mining companies in the world

40+ Years of international Business Development expertise in the sector

The SMIG Team has developed multiple businesses to international scale and has arranged several large, international off-take agreements